Pre-Planning Cemetery Arrangements 

Most people understand that life insurance is about peace of mind. The same is true of pre-planning your funeral, interment and memorial.

By taking care of the details today, you are giving your family a valuable gift—the knowledge that your funeral will perfectly reflect your wishes after you’ve gone.  What’s more, like life insurance, you’ll take the financial worry of planning final arrangements off the shoulders of your loved ones.    


Pinecrest Remembrance Services offers two uniquely beautiful cemetery locations.  

Pinecrest Cemetery

Pinecrest Cemetery is a quiet oasis in the heart of Ottawa’s west end. On 60 acres and featuring mature trees, gardens and pathways, it offers a full range of services, including traditional burial plots, crematorium, columbariums, mausoleums and urn gardens, as well as our chapel and reception rooms.  

Highland Park Cemetery

Further west and just north of highway 417 Highland Park Cemetery is on 120 acres of rural park land.  Highland Park  offers traditional burial plots, a beautifully manicured urn garden and memorial walls. 

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Casket Burial

Pinecrest and Highland Park cemeteries offer a range of gravesite locations, each unique and offering a different character. Most graves and lots allow for either an upright memorial or a flat marker amidst tranquil settings. In addition to a range of affordable options, family lots are also available. We would be happy to discuss your needs. 


Cremations are now the preferred choice for most Canadian families planning a dignified, yet cost-effective memorial service. Cremation urns can be interred in a casket site, in the peaceful urn garden, Mausoleum of Peace and Tranquility, Mausoleum of Remembrance or Mausoleum 3B. 


Our columbarium niches are spread throughout the cemetery, each offering exquisite settings form which to choose. We can provide space for above ground entombment of cremation urns at indoor and outdoor locations. Our Mausoleum 3B and Mausoleum of Peace and Tranquility provide glass-fronted or marble niches in a luxurious, secure and climate controlled environment. 

To enquire about any of these options and to learn about our flexible payment plans, please call 613-829-3600 or email us  at   to arrange an appointment with one of our family service counselors.