Urns, Keepsakes & Jewelry

An Urn Is A Tasteful And Dignified Receptacle For Cremated Remains. 

Urns can be used for at memorial ceremonies for scattering, internment or home display. Keepsake urns, which hold a small portion of cremated remains or lock of hair are also available. We offer a wide range of styles, sizes and types, which can be engraved and personalized. As a lasting keepsake and memorial, it is important to choose a style that not only reflects your loved one,  but the environment in which the urn will rest.

*Please note that certain urns may not be available due to supply shortages throughout the ongoing Covid-19 situation*

Your Cemetery Counselor can help guide and find the next best suitable choice of urn.

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Please call or email us to discuss any urn options found in our catalogue.

We would be happy to help you find and personalize a fitting tribute to your loved one