The choices offered by us include traditional burial, cremation and our beautiful mausoleum.

Mausoleum & Columbarium Niches

Elegant and  peaceful indoor and outdoor locations for entombment of urns and    caskets

Choice of several locations, including the Mausoleum of Peace & Tranquility, as well as Mausoleum 3B

Plaques can be personalized with photos, lights and religious symbols

Traditional Burial

Manicured estate lots at both Pinecrest Cemetery and Highland Park Cemetery

Choice of traditional marble upright memorials or everlasting flat bronze plaques

Tent services available to ensure privacy


Becoming the preferred choice of most families

Onsite cremation at Pinecrest location

A range of above ground mausoleum locations, as well as outdoor columbarium walls and below ground urn gardens in beautiful manicured settings

To enquire about any of these options and to learn about our flexible payment plans, please call 613-829-3600 or  email us  to arrange an appointment with one of our family service counselors.