The Rock of Ages Guarantee

-Often Imitated, But Never Duplicated

Not all granites are alike, not all retain their vibrancy; some granites fade, check, stain and split with the passage of time, failing the very purpose for which they were chosen—to provide an enduring memorial for you or your loved one.  

Rock of Ages selects only the finest grade of granite for its memorials.  The Rock of Ages seal upon the stone is the only way to know that the granite and workmanship is genuinely Rock of Ages and guaranteed by the strongest warranty in the industry.

SIGNATURE Craftsmanship

Finest Granite Available - Best Selection
Covers Against Cracking, Fading, Discolouration and Craftsmanship. Valid for Purchasers, Heirs, Assignees and Cemetery where placed. All work done by Rock of Ages Master Craftsman using Higher Finishing Standards.  Monies placed in trust. Numbered Seal Mark etched on the memorial.  Round Seal Certificate and a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Senior Officer of Rock of Ages will be provided.


 Finest Granite Available - Best Selection
Covers Against Cracking, Fading, Discolouration and Craftsmanship.  Valid for Purchasers, Heirs, Assignees and Cemetery where memorial is placed. Monies placed in trust. Round Seal Mark etched on memorial. Round Seal Certificate provided to purchaser.


Good Granite - More Selective 
Covers Against Cracking and Craftsmanship. Valid for Purchasers, Heirs and Assignees (not cemetery). Monies placed in trust. Square Seal etched on the memorial. Square Seal Certificate provided to purchaser only.


Warranted grade of graniteBestBestBetterGood
Written Warranty
Warranty LengthPerpetualPerpetualPerpetualNone
Purchaser, heirs and assignee's covered by warranty
Cemetery covered by warranty

Warranted against cracks workmanship and discolouration
(full replacement

Funds set aside with Wilmington Trust Company

PolishingDouble-polished by hand with tin-oxide, buffed with feltTraditionalTraditionalTraditional
LetteringFour-step, deeply cutDouble process,
deeply cut
Double process,
deeply cut
Single process,
deeply cut
CarvingSculpture-carved by master level craftsmanDeluxe double process shape-carvingDeluxe double process shape-carvingFlat carving